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    July GOTM

    July Guitar of the Month (for Guitars and Basses finished in June)

    Enter your finished guitar or bass here to be judged for the Pit Bull Guitars July Guitar of the Month.

    Please remember:

    For Guitars or Basses finished on (or before) the end of June.

    One guitar/bass per member per month.
    It must be a Pit Bull Guitars kit (mods and upgrades acceptable).
    Guitar or Bass must be finished and playable.

    We need at least 4 photos:
    ∑ full guitar shot from the front;
    ∑ close up of the body finish;
    ∑ shot of the back of the guitar; and
    ∑ close up of the headstock (please, no brand name logos)

    Please post your photos in this thread. If you are having issues posting photos on the forum, please email them to brendan (at) pitbullguitars (dot) com

    Please note: This competition is open to amateur guitar builders only. If you are making and selling guitars for profit, you are ineligible. Also while there are some stunning guitars around - you never know what the judges are looking for, so we encourage anyone who's built a Pitbull during the month to enter!

    Competition for closes at the end of June (Perth Western Australian time).

    The sorts of things we judge on include:
    ∑ How well have the body and neck been prepared
    ∑ Is the choice of finish for the style of guitar appropriate
    ∑ How well has the finish been applied
    ∑ How well has all the hardware, pickups, etc, been installed
    ∑ Does it have the 'Wow Factor'∑ Which guitar would you make a beeline for in a guitar shop. That is, which one would you most like to take home.

    BTW - remember that the winner is invited to be a guest judge the following month!

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    Well, first off the ranks...
    my Kustom ordered WL kit. Ordered with no bridge or trem routing.
    So this build was intended to answer the question no one asked "What if Leo Fender had designed the Warlock?"
    Basically I rounded off all pointy bits quite a bit. I had ordered white fretboard dots but the factory did black, so I replaced them with whiteish MOP. My first attempt at drilling a string through and even though I used a drill press one is wonky on the back. Speaking of the back I made a control cavity cover from some 3 ply scratch plate material. Bridge is a Schaller roller, I really like these. Tuners are Duesenburgs, I'm kind of partial to those too. Pick ups are GFS Gold Foil alnico's, they have a bit of a generic sound, nothing to be excited over. I have them wired to split on the volume and tone pots. I bought 3 LP switch surrounds and flipped them over to give me 3 plain white rings around the controls, the knobs are clear chicken heads with part of the inside painted in the body colour which incidentally is LILAC not pink! It's a late 50's Oldsmobile colour in keeping with Fenders use of auto colours. And last but not least the truss rod cover is from Hell Guitars in Japan.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Warlock1.jpg 
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Name:	Warlock-Body.jpg 
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Name:	Warlock-HS.jpg 
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Name:	Warlock-back.jpg 
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ID:	31265  
    Build 19 PSH-1 Kustom
    Build 18 HB-4S Kustom
    Build 17 WL-1 Kustom
    Build 16 TL-1TB Kustom
    Build 15 PBG-2-
    Build 14 FTD-1
    Build 13 RD-1 Kustom
    Build 12 DM-1S
    Build 11 MKA-2 -
    Build 10 Basic strat
    Build 9 JM Kustom
    Build 8 FV-1G
    Build 7 ES-2V
    Build 6- Community prototype
    Build 5 LP-1LQ
    Build 4 ES-5V
    Build 3 JR-1
    Build 2 GD-1
    Build 1 TLA-1

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    Looks good Deddie. How does it play and sound?
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    Definitely a unique take on the shape - wouldn't expect anything less of you Deddy.
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    "What I lack in talent I make up for with enthusiasm"

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    Here is my recently finished TL-1 kit, the very first kit Iíve ever made and entered into GOTM. I got it for my birthday and I have spend many weekends working on this. I went with a Tele as I heard it was a good place to start and I sure am glad I did. I love the white and gold colour scheme and it feels different to play than my Strat but a good different. Along the way I didnít have too many problems and whatever problems did occur disappeared quickly.

    Not only do I think itís great, my friends at school all love it and canít get over the fact that I made it. Someone even offered to pay me to make one for them.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	E05599BE-1B70-4D59-AF98-1C9C34C1CA13.jpeg 
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Name:	16306E9C-8BD9-4CB7-9B07-95B292D4D731.jpeg 
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Name:	A959E94C-BB5A-45FD-9EF2-E340A4E54AE4.jpeg 
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Name:	56096898-06BC-40DF-B0AB-957E3F019AE9.jpeg 
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ID:	31286
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    Really nice work Diggy, looks mint for a first build, well done!
    FrankenLab Guitar Experiments
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    Hi All,

    I humbly offer my submission.

    This is my first build and was challenging but lots of fun.

    I started with a thinline kit TL-1TB and then customised it with a series of mods to arrive at something close to my desired guitar:

    - Replaced the tune-o-matic bridge with a wilkinson tele half bridge, cut down to allow access for the Bigsby
    - Converted the pickups to hard mount without the pickup ring
    - Replaced the pots, capacitors and jack
    - Added a treble bleed circuit
    - Adjusted the neck breakover angle
    - Routed a larger control cavity
    - Designed and fabricated my own pickguard
    - Rounded over the rear edge of the body
    - Carved the neck to allow better access and feel
    - Upgraded to Grover locking tuners and bone nut

    The finish is Holts Duplicolour black and clear coat acrylic.

    Hope you like and thanks to the forum members for help along the way.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20190615_164838_resized.jpg 
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Name:	20190615_164946_resized.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20190615_164932_resized.jpg 
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Name:	20190615_165031_resized.jpg 
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ID:	31407

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    Couple of fine looking entries there, Dedman awesome as always & huge congrats on your first guitar Diggy!

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    Here's my completed JTL-1 "Tele-Master"

    Natural TruOil finish.
    Tusq nut, Grover mini rotos.
    Fully adjustable tele bridge.
    MusicLily pups.
    Recessed Jack.
    Oakes Grigsby 4 way switch wired for 4way tele options. Orange drop cap with cloth wire.
    String thru body with neck ferrules.
    More info and sound demo in my build diary, link in signature.

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