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Thread: Hi all - thanks for having me

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    Hi all - thanks for having me

    Hey everyone

    Brand newbie to guitar building but it's always something that I've really wanted to do - after all, who can't help but be taken in by the beauty of guitars, right?

    My particular fetish is Telecasters (although I've never owned one) and whilst I can't afford a genuine vintage original, it would still be great to play "pretend" and make my own copy/homage

    I know that I need to start at the beginning and be prepared to make quite a few mistakes but I think the experience overall will be well worth it - it will probably just inspire me to have a go at making another one (and another and another after that ... )

    Anyway, I hope to post some updates and will definitely be looking for some kindly words of assistance along the way.

    Cheers and kind regards

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    Welcome Johnny.
    A tele kit is a good place to start. I too had never owned one until I built one! (I now have three!)

    There's lots of good knowledgeable people here that are generous with sharing their experience. First recommendation from many will be to start a build diary in the forum "My Build Diary" (clever, right???). It's the best place to document your progress, but also ask questions that are specific to your project. Looking forward to seeing your build.
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    Hi and welcome Johnny,

    Have fun with the build.
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    Welcome Johnny,

    I look forward to seeing how your build goes!

    I never cared for teles, until I got on this site and got turned. I have an ash Tele kit, and two other custom Tele scratchbuilds underway.
    I just need to find the time to finish them!

    best of luck with your kit.
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    Welcome Johnny,
    Looking forward to seeing your build!

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    In my old age, I've finally acquired both an American-made Strat and a Mexican Tele. Sometimes can't decide which I like best. You'll find this forum an invaluable source of information and help. Good luck with your build.

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    Hi Johnny,
    Like me, you might find your desire for the genuine brand name instrument may fade away once you build your kit. Especially if you take your time and get it set up playing well. Good luck with the build. Lots of people have made nice tele’s here.

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