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Thread: Hi from South Australia

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    Hi from South Australia

    Hi everyone,

    I received my TLA-1 today, and I have to admit I was a complete kid on Christmas day about it. I've got a 3 month sabbatical coming up so I figured this was a good time to dive into a new hobby. I've been playing for about twenty years off and on and play marginally better than my 6 year old daughter who have been playing for six months.

    I am super excited and nervous at the same time to get this build started, and I have promised my wife I will complete this kit before ordering another one (I already have my eye on an S type kit).

    Thanks for having me on the forum, I'll be starting my build diary as I've seen suggested a few times before. Hopefully doing that will focus my thought process because right now I'm all over the shop thinking about finishes, whether I should leave the strings as through bridge or take the time to drill some holes so I can string through the body, and what toys (I mean tools) I should buy first.

    Looking forward to seeing if I can put this thing together and end up with a playable instrument.

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    Welcome Supanove.

    Looking forward to seeing if I can put this thing together and end up with a playable instrument.
    There's a pretty strong "brains trust" here. Between all of us, we should be able to get you across the line!

    I'm presuming you're thinking about a transparent finish with the body being ash, yes?
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    Hi and Welcome Supanove,

    The TLA-1 is a nice kit. Good luck with the build.
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    Quote Originally Posted by McCreed View Post
    There's a pretty strong "brains trust" here.
    Speak for yourself mate

    Just kidding.

    Welcome to the enablers.

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