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    Hi everybody. I'm a (mostly) bass player from Perth playing a trifector of basses (upright, electric, and brass) as well as a little guitar and lap steel. I've built a couple of lap steels, and an intentionally terrible guitar.

    Now I want to experiment with baritone guitar, and decided the easiest way was to build one, which brings me here.

    Build log to follow!

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    hello and welcome

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    Welcome Seebass

    First Act ME276 (resurrected curb-side find)
    Scratchie lapsteel
    Custom ST-1 12 String
    Scratch Lapsteel
    Meinl DIY Cajon
    Cigar Box lap steel

    Open D/Standard Double 6 twin neck

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    Cool to have a tuba player here. I remember watching Freebo go back and forth on bass guitar and tuba.

    There has to be more in the "intentionally bad guitar" story...

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    Yeah, I was a brass player in school and a bass player as an adult, and at some point I ended up being a bass player on a brass instrument! It's a handy trick to have, especially around October and for roving gigs. Although my sousaphone's on the light side and weighs in at about 12kg so I certainly have a different perspective on what constitutes a light bass.

    Can you recommend something to check out with Freebo doubling? It's not a name I know and I'm always keen to see how other people use that combo.

    The intentionally bad guitar was build for a band we put together to play at a recycling centre. I forget if we pitched it to them or they asked us if we could do it. Essentially all the instruments were made by us, and wanted to look like they were cobbled together from other peoples junk. So we have pvc and hosepipe woodwinds, bucket drums, and the original bass was a truck fuel tank with a construction lumber neck bolted to it. I tried building a PVC trombone, which sounded good, but played terribly; some junk lap steels, worked great, but very hard to play funk music on. I ended up building the guitar, it had to look dodgy and like anybody could have made it, but I also wanted something at least half playable. So this was where I ended up.

    It's all pallet wood, except the fingerboard. The only hardware that I didn't fabricate myself are the electronics and the frets. Plays absolutely terrible though, I really need to remake the neck at some point with better fretwork, and a stiffer neck or a working truss rod. (This has a steel rod in it, but the pines too soft for it to do much.

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