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Thread: December GOTM

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    WOW, love the fret markers. Great idea

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    Looks amazing. (I'd like to see it against a plain background as its a bit 'camo' in those shots)

    You should be really proud HCT, deviating from the kit always presents challenges, pushing through to the finished product is no mean feat once you get into uncharted territory.

    Can't wait for the next one
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    And over to the comments!

    Ozzbike's PBZ-4 -

    Excellent, subtle finish on the Zebra body and the neck looks slick. Really interesting looking Bass, unlike anything I’ve seen.
    I love the look of the Zebrawood body. The black pearloid pick guard is a great touch. Upgraded electronics and bridge ... what's not to like about this bass.
    I really like the overall look of this, particularly with the unusual neck treatment. The top looks great with the zebra grain combined with the black pearloid and pale fretboard. Great choices of colours and finish. Nice headstock and a good selection of hardware and electronics upgrades. Oddly, the back feels a little plain compared to the top, not sure why. Really, really nice bass.
    The Paddle Pop looks great but not quite sold on the scratch plate or two-tone effect on back of neck. Lots of nice and tasty mods & upgrades too. You have really perfected the buffing oil finish.
    Great to see one of these done. Grain is amazing and the finish highlights it. So much to like! Only thing that doesn’t gel for me is the pickguard / knobs.

    Sachin's EXM-1 -

    Wow! What a beast! Love it! That Tailpiece is awesome. Congratulations on a one-of-a-kind build that I’m sure would be snapped up if found in a Music store.
    This instrument is just stunning, from the beautiful finish to the snake tail piece and cross markers. A fantastic first build.
    Wow purple, black and flame always looks great and this is no exception. Cool tailpiece, bulky and over the top, but damn cool. The finish looks good and the flake works well on the back. I like that the chrome pickup covers provide a lighter contrast to the dark theme. Nice hardware and electronics, and fantastic overall look. Excellent work for a first build. Well done.
    Top effort for a young first timer. Colour suits the shape as does the Snake Tail Stop and metallic truss rod cover. Some sweet mods & upgrades too.
    Awesome – overall effect is amazing. Colours work well together and the finish is well done. Awesome first!

    Tommygun's TL-1TH -

    What a great build, the Black hardware works perfectly. Great colour choice for the body and well executed. Would definitely steal.
    Lots of upgrades on this thinline. I really like the black grainfill use for contrast. A solid build.
    As much as you disliked the TO's effect, I really like the look of the 'gold' top with the hardware and ebony fretboard. Admittedly, a more tan colour as you were aiming for would have worked better with what you achieved on the back. Interesting headstock shape that looks good with the hardware. Nice upgrades, classy build.
    Nice and simple overall colour scheme that looks good and works well. Some serious upgrades included too and would love to hear what it sounds like.
    Looks great – colours work well together – headstock suits and the overall effect is classic! Love the looks of this guitar!

    Hardcoretroubadour's EX-1 -

    Blam!! You had me with The Punisher. This is really fine work, you should be incredibly proud of this build.
    Wow. Just, wow. Incredible work on the top. Love the ammo cartridge fret markers and knobs. Name on the headstock ties it all together.
    A huge amount of work in achieving this result, I just wish we had some pics with a plain background to better appreciate it. It really does blend in. Headstock looks great with the graphics and the shell fret markers are awesome. A true labour of love to get the body graphics just the way you wanted it and the result is definitely worth it. The burst on the back could have a little smoother transition, but that can often be distorted/exacerbated in photos. Fantastic result.
    This is amazing considering all the set-backs and how much work has gone into reaching the finish line. Comic book collage may not suit everyone’s tastes (mine included) but overall theme works well. Particularly love the gun shell touches and truss rod cover that Dedman would be proud of. Also kitted out with some cool mods & upgrades.
    Amazing outcome – love the Marvel theme! Finish has been done nicely and the overall effect is stunning… Great job!

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    And the runner up:
    Great work Sachin your EXM-1 is amazing and the panel loved it.

    But the honours to the winner!
    Who can go past the Marvel styling of Hardcoretroubadour's EX-1! Great work!

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    Well done guys, all great entries this month
    Build #1 - ST-1 - Completed
    Build #2 - LP-1SS - Completed
    Build #3 - TLA-1R - Completed
    Build #4 - SGD-612 - Completed
    Build #5 - ES-1G - Completed
    Build #6 - STA-1HT | Completed
    Build #7 - ST1JR - Completed
    Current Build #8 - JBA-4
    Build #9 - Semi-scratch build Tele x 2 - Completed
    Current Build #10 - PRS-1H
    Current Build #11 - AGJR-1 - Completed
    Current Build #12 - ATL-1SB
    Current Build #13 - GST-1
    Current Build #14 - FBM-1

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    Nice guitar’s everybody! Hardcoretroubadour’s themed guitar is great fun and well executed, congratulations! I particularly like the finish Sachin’s achieved with his guitar, top shelf!

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    Congrats to all entrants and particularly Hardcore & Sachin for building a couple of amazing Explorers.

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    Great work everyone. Some amazing work there.

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    Thanks guys, definitely wouldn't have worked out this well if not for all the assistance and advice of the forum members. Congrats to Ozzbike, Sachin and Tommygun for their awesome builds, especially Sachin, for a teenager to turn out a quality build like that in a first effort is something else. Can't wait to see your next one.

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