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Thread: EX-1L Custom, First Pit Bull Kit guitar

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    EX-1L Custom, First Pit Bull Kit guitar

    Hi everyone,
    in this build diary I'd like to show you my progress on my overall second build and my first pit bull guitar kit - and probably ask a few questions in the progress
    My first build was a LP style with an already glued in neck, so not too much advanced work for a beginner. So I thought I'd step up the game and try to set the neck myself this time. Plus I really wanted an EX shape, which is by itself already hard to find in a left handed version. So, thanks for making that possible Adam!

    For this build I ordered a Custom EX-1L with a spalted maple veneer, mahogany body and maple fretboard/neck, black binding and black hardware. But, see for yourself in the attached image. I for myself think it looks really stunning already - that's why I am planning to just leave that natural look and use tru oil for the finish.
    Overall the Kit looks well made, however, the holes for the bridge posts are a bit too close together for the bridge to fit. Adam suggested to use a pen wrapped in sandpaper to widen the holes a bit. I already followed that advice and was able to screw in the bridge together with the posts, however it's a bit to tight and the bridge cannot move now I will probably remove it again and sand a bit more.
    Further the neck pocket is a bit to tight for the neck to fit in. My plan is to follow Adams suggestion again and sand the sides of the neck pocket evenly until i get a tight fit for the neck.

    I'd appreciate any advice/comment on that plans.
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    Yep, thatís sick. Great custom order! Look forward to seeing this come together.
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    What a beaut..going to enjoy seeing this build come together as well

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    Oh my, that does look stunning.

    What a great way to join the Explorer owners club.

    Cheers, Waz
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    Hi tobagon, my experience with set necks has been that a little sanding of the pocket/neck is required to get the neck to fit, but proceed with care as you donít want to mess up angles.
    What a nice looking kit you have. Thatís going to look amazing when you Tru Oil it.

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    I had the exact same problem with my kit...the bridge stud holes were 2-3mm too close together...meaning I couldn't mount the tunomatic bridge on.

    You have a couple could dowel 1 or more the holes and re-drill them...or sand them out so they are broader.

    In the end I only discovered it right at the end of my build...I used a thinner style bridge post from a spare I had lying around.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I actually joined the Explorer owner club while I was waiting for the kit Just couldn't resist the GAS for a used one for a nice price, hehe.
    I think for now I should only sand the sides of the neck pocket. As soon as the neck fits in the pocket I can check the angle of the neck and bridge - nut - distance.... right? I have to remind myself how to properly do that, I think there are some good guides around here.

    For the bridge posts I will sand them out a bit further. Too bad I don't have any thinner black bridge posts lying around - that would have been an elegant solution aido78.

    Unfortunately, a ~ 0.5 cm x 0.5 cm piece of the veneer came off when i removed one of the bridge posts to sand the hole. I might post a picture of that later. I think I will try to just glue it back in place, do you have any tricks/tips for that?

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    Here are the pictures of the piece that came off.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    A bit of CA and it will be fine but you will always know, something that bugs me about one of my builds after swapping a nut

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    Gorgeous top on that guitar!

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