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If you are running with a 2-post trem, then I'd consider rejigging the rear trem cavity cut-out a bit (if you can), so the post hole runs through the full body depth as much as possible. The standard shape is fine (and designed)for a 6-screw fixing, but the holes for 2-post bridges with inserts come up to 1mm or so of the rear of rout in places. I've seen commercial installations where you can even see the bottom of the insert poking through!

I know this crack below was mainly due to me not supporting the rear of the rout when knocking the posts in, but had the wood been thicker around the full area of the posts, I'm sure it wouldn't have happened.
Yeah, the posts for my Babicz 2 point trem in my (still going - realized I've got more shaping to do) GST-1 are visible from the rear trem cavity. And the nominated drill sizes for the holes for the inserts aren't ideal. I'll be sticking mine in the freezer for a few hours before knocking them in (as well as supporting them directly behind the inserts).

Phil, obviously, if you're wanting to have a look, just let me know.