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Thread: June Guitar of the Month

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    June Guitar of the Month

    June Guitar of the Month (for Guitars and Basses finished in May)

    Enter your finished guitar or bass here to be judged for the Pit Bull Guitars June Guitar of the Month.

    Please remember:

    For Guitars or Basses finished on (or before) the end of May.

    One guitar/bass per member per month.
    It must be a Pit Bull Guitars kit (mods and upgrades acceptable).
    Guitar or Bass must be finished and playable.

    We need at least 4 photos:
    full guitar shot from the front;
    close up of the body finish;
    shot of the back of the guitar; and
    close up of the headstock (please, no brand name logos)

    Please post your photos in this thread. If you are having issues posting photos on the forum, please email them to brendan (at) pitbullguitars (dot) com

    Please note: This competition is open to amateur guitar builders only. If you are making and selling guitars for profit, you are ineligible. Also while there are some stunning guitars around - you never know what the judges are looking for, so we encourage anyone who's built a Pitbull during the month to enter!

    Competition for June closes at the end of May (Perth Western Australian time).

    The sorts of things we judge on include:
    How well have the body and neck been prepared
    Is the choice of finish for the style of guitar appropriate
    How well has the finish been applied
    How well has all the hardware, pickups, etc, been installed
    Does it have the 'Wow Factor' Which guitar would you make a beeline for in a guitar shop. That is, which one would you most like to take home.

    BTW - remember that the winner is invited to be a guest judge the following month!

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    GS7-Z with upgrades.

    The mahogany neck and zebra top was filled with black grain filler and stained, back was painted jet black with double stingers on the neck, everything except fretboard was clear coated.
    Upgrades are CTS pots, Orange drop cap, Switchcraft jack, bone nut, roller bridge and Guyker professional locking tuners.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	31493168-CAA7-4D05-94E8-9184F7E63C62.jpeg 
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    Few more pics..
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    Here is my '78 EVH Frankenstrat replica.

    ST-1M is the base for this. All up cost was under $300 (For me that is great as I usually blow a load on hardware and pickups).

    The changes to the stock kit are some locking tuners, Brass nut and single humbucker guard with a Warman pickup I had lying around from a previous build. Wiring is fairly simple, single volume with a push pull to split to single coil. The tone knob is off my old fender strat.
    The strap eyelets are from Bunnings and will hold up a house if needed.

    I had added a logo as per the original but covered it for this post.

    Paint process was clear base coat, 3 layers of black, tape up then a dust coat of black to prevent any smearing under the tape. It only needed 2 coats of white, then several cans of clear. I used Duramax for this guitar.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20220505_153216.jpg 
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Name:	20220505_152453.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20220505_152532.jpg 
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Name:	20220505_153505.jpg 
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