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Thread: Tuning pegs?

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    Tuning pegs?

    Hi guys this is my first bass guitar kit (JB-4M)

    I am just trying to install the tuning pegs and i had a question. The metal sleeves that go into the holes in the headstock seem a little lose and i canít understand how the sleeves donít fall out of the holes when the tuning pegs are screwed in. The metal sleeves donít seem to screw in anywhere.

    Iím not sure if Iím missing something or being an idiot.

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    Hi Luke3,
    I have just used the same tuners with my Axe build. They do just push in and rest there.

    After adding the top coats to the headstock the sleeves were too large for the holes and I needed to increase the size of the holes by sanding them.

    If this does not happen to you, then I think you could add some glue to make sure they cannot fall out. Once the string are all in place I do not think they would be able to move.

    Hopefully others will add to my comments.
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    As Trevor said, they are intended to be "press fit" (aka friction fit, or interference fit).

    As for gluing, if you feel the need to do so, just use a small dab of wood glue (like tite-bond) not CA (super glue). You just need enough to hold it in place and if you need to take them out in the future, they will come out without taking a bunch of wood with it.
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    Thanks for the help!

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    Late to the you have all the help you need already. Just wanted to say that's some nice grain on the headstock.

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    I wouldn't worry too much until you have done all the finishing you are going to do. A few layers of [your choice of finish] in the holes may be all that's needed to turn loose fit into satisfactory.
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