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Thread: December GOTM!

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    December GOTM!

    December Guitar of the Month (for Guitars and Basses finished in November)

    Enter your finished guitar or bass here to be judged for the Pit Bull Guitars December Guitar of the Month.

    Please remember:

    For Guitars or Basses finished on (or before) the end of November.

    One guitar/bass per member per month.
    It must be a Pit Bull Guitars kit (mods and upgrades acceptable).
    Guitar or Bass must be finished and playable.

    We need at least 4 photos:
    · full guitar shot from the front;
    · close up of the body finish;
    · shot of the back of the guitar; and
    · close up of the headstock (please, no brand name logos)

    Please post your photos in this thread. If you are having issues posting photos on the forum, please email them to brendan (at) pitbullguitars (dot) com

    Please note: This competition is open to amateur guitar builders only. If you are making and selling guitars for profit, you are ineligible. Also while there are some stunning guitars around - you never know what the judges are looking for, so we encourage anyone who's built a Pitbull during the month to enter!

    Competition for December closes at the end of November (Perth Western Australian time).

    The sorts of things we judge on include:
    · How well have the body and neck been prepared
    · Is the choice of finish for the style of guitar appropriate
    · How well has the finish been applied
    · How well has all the hardware, pickups, etc, been installed
    · Does it have the 'Wow Factor'· Which guitar would you make a beeline for in a guitar shop. That is, which one would you most like to take home.

    BTW - remember that the winner is invited to be a guest judge the following month!

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    Hi. This is my first build, a DSC-1S Spalted Maple with bolt on neck.

    The finish is multiple coats of Aussie Oil fished with multiple coats of Renaissance wax. Finish lets the natural beauty of the timber shine through, and there is just enough sheen on the veneer to make it sparkle. Neck has been rubbed back with 0000 steel wool for a super slick feel (it plays like lightning).

    All stock kit components except for a custom truss rod cover I made from Gidgee.
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    That is a thing of simple but great beauty

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    My DSCM-1 - called Midnight Blues. Body and neck have Blue Ubeaut water based dye. Finished with FW wipe on poly. Headstock is 1-ply pick guard material. All stock parts except for bone nut upgrade, custom truss rod cover and custom jack plate.
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    Build #1 - FVB-4
    #2 - LP-1SS
    #3 - FBM-1
    Semi-scratch Explorer - Rebuild Diary
    #4 - AG-2 - Runner up GOTM May 2021
    #5 - TB-4
    Scratch Build #2 - Axe Bass
    #6 - TLA-1 - Current

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    Liking the single cuts this month. Nice work, fellas.
    What Did You Play Today? ~PJS~

    Build #1) KH-1 - November 2019 GOTM

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    This guitar started quite a while ago, but with lock downs and regional exclusions I haven't been able to finish it until now.

    A friend of mine is a huge Joan Jett fan. While I am not necessarily a fan of relic or aging I think replicas are OK every now and then.
    This is Steve! her JJ replica.

    It is a standard double cut with all the original parts from the kit. One of the reasons it took so long is that the replica stickers came from Russia but the first set got lost by Australia post.

    The paint is duplicolor white with Duplicolor topcoat.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thought I might give it a go with this one.
    Picked up a rejected custom order last year and then did not get around to it until this year.
    Made a few changes - some by choice others by necessity.
    * alnico V pickups
    * CTS pots - proper lefty types - the kit pots are all right handed
    * lefty top hat knobs so the numbers go in the correct direction
    * orange drop caps - one for the humbucker and one for the single coils
    * plate replacement for a faulty trem - The plate from the US was my best option. Trying to find a lefty trem to fit was impossible. Interestingly the plate give incredible sustain and very crisp sound. As I don't use a trem much it worked out to be a great option.
    * fret stickers - These came from an online outfit in Germany - Fretlook. They have not budged since I put them on. Looks like they have gripped well. They are very thin so not noticeable when playing.
    * TUSQ nut - great step up in sound.
    Finish is multiple coats of Scandinavian Oil. I did not want to colour the ash but needed a way to “tame” the grain near the control plate.
    Headstock was already cut so that was one less thing to work on.
    All up it plays better then my purchased guitars. Great sound and nice playing action. And the grain in the ash pops nicely.
    I am very happy considering this was someone else's rejected custom order.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here's mine, just to add to the single-cut flavour of the month,

    It's an SSCM-1E, finished in gloss black acrylic lacquer.

    • Bone nut
    • Grovers
    • Tonerider AC-II Classic pickups
    • Electrosocket
    • Black pickup rings - the control covers are painted.
    • Electrics: push/pull coil split on each volume knob, and a push/pull blower on each tone
    • Realparts switch and knobs

    It plays really nicely.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Alrighty then - comp closed. Judges to your engines.

    New comp soon.

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    Good month! There are some really good candidates for the Heastock Gallery.

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