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Thread: November GOTM!

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    DJT-1 modified

    The Chimera, Offset Tele with tons of attitude.

    Body routed for humbuckers, with fret access carve, finished in automotive pearl white and satin clear coat,
    Stained and satin clear coated neck,
    Guyker professional locking tuners,
    Custom bridge with stainless steal saddles,
    Bourns pots,
    Orange drop cap,
    Tusq nut,
    Pitbull fidelity upgrade,
    Mini toggle for coil splitting,
    Oak Grigsby 3-way switch,
    Switch craft output jack,
    Custom neck plate,
    Iron gear “Steam Hammer” hot ceramic pickups.

    I needed a high output guitar to add to my collection, inspired by Jim Roots Jazzmaster.
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    Comp closed. New one up shortly.

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    Comments - albeit a bit delayed.

    jarro_2783's JM-1A -
    Neck looks good, that headstock is pretty clean and well executed
    Over all finish looks grate, nice body color, goes well with the body stile. Super classic.
    Hardware installation looks good
    For me, it doesn’t have the wow factor, I’ve seen a lot of guitars that looks like this. But yes, I would take a look if I saw it on a store
    Clean, simple & tidy finish. Nice headstock shape. Good job.
    Classic and simple – nothing not to like here. Great work!

    prodpk's TL-1 -
    This tele is crazy, thematic is not my cup of tea, too much butterfly going on- That being said, that headstock look like a lot of work and it looks clean, the fabric top is pretty cool.
    It has the wow factor, but it’s not for me.
    Very well done. Headstock carving is unique.
    Unique look and love the outcome. A lot of thought has gone into this one!

    Andyxlh's PB-4A -
    Really don’t know what to say about it, it’s all over the place, I understand the homage but this is not for me.
    I really put value on the effort in getting this look
    An interesting tribute, relicing is even acceptable on this. A defintie one of a kind. Very eye catching.
    Classic retake of the EVH strat. Nicely executed and quite a unique piece!

    Warni's FBM-1 -
    This is cool, definitely would take a look at this one in a store
    In general, it looks grate, nice color and the headstock looks nice, very similar to the original.
    I would have put some custom details maybe to make some different.
    Great finish. It looks worn in without being hacked up. I wish I'd made this.
    Like the slightly worn in look – well executed and nicely done!

    Johnbamb's JR-1 -
    I dig this one! Love the minimalistic style, nice upgrades and cool headstock shape.
    The burst looks a bit raw, but its just personal preference, overall it looks very well executed. Backside of the body looks awesome
    Great job. The finish looks quite porous, but this may be what you were aiming for. To me the headstock feels like it belong on a different guitar, but otherwise this is close to perfect.
    Elegant, simple and beautifully classic.

    lunaticds' TB-4 -
    Looks cool, love the black hardware in combination with the color.
    Not a big fan of the orange but I think it work.
    Loving Dino details here, big plus right there.
    Nice pop to the grain – great outcome and love the look.
    Love how the grain has come out in the body. Good colour choices.

    Mike.L's DJT-1 -
    This one is totally my taste, that neck and headstock look insane, super well prepared
    Really cool upgrades and details.
    That neck plate and headstock logos incredible
    Would definitely buy this one, for me, this is the winner.
    Love the "roasted" neck look. Finish looks incredibly well done. Interesting body carving.
    Love the outcome on the neck – has really brought out the maple. Overall simple colour palette and has come out well through the use of white in the logo and black hardware.

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    So to the runner up:
    prodpk's TL-1 -
    Unique look and a great overall guitar.

    And the winner! Classic styling and clean colour choices - nicely done Mike.L!
    Mike.L's DJT-1 -

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    Just like to say thanks to all the judges for the kind words, also to Pitbull for sourcing such great kits (even during these trying times) and having truly fantastic customer service.
    Since I started this hobby I’ve not used anyone else, keep up the good work.

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    Lovely build Mike. I do love white guitars and black hardware.

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    Lovely guitars in there, well done to the winners!

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    [QUOTE=lunaticds;217201]Presenting.. a bass guitar... 65 million years in the making...
    Stained with the blood of it’s prey…

    Hahaha, I can so relate to that. Great month everyone.

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    Nice job everyone! Well done Prodpk and Mike, great instruments!

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    Well done everyone; love admiring the GOTM builds
    #001 (LP-1S) [finished - co-runner up Nov 2018 GOTM]
    #002 (WL-1)
    #003 (MPL Megacaster - semi scratch build) [finished]
    #004 (ST-1 JR - Arachnoid Superhero build) [finished]
    #005 (LP jr)
    #006 (TL-1A)

    Junk shop acoustic refurbs (various)
    'The TGS Special'

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