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Thread: Pit Bull IB-1F (First Build)

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    Note also that you'll really want to get a string retainer bar so a) the strings can be pulled down onto the locking nut, allowing you to use the main tuners to tune up and keep it in tune when locking the strings and b) allow the string locks to simply clamp down on the string to hold it in place, rather than one end of the plate also having to counter string tension trying to pull the plate up. They do clamp a lot better.
    I'm by no means an expert here, but I'm not sure if a string retainer bar is really needed here. These headstocks are angled unlike F style headstocks giving the strings a decent break angle behind the nut. None of the Ibanez models I've seen have string retainers. Looking at my Ibanez S670 just now, all strings have the exact same angle behind the nut (except the low E but that's only because it's been wound poorly). Same deal looking at my son's RG and his IB-7 kit build.

    I think you'd also have trouble fitting a string retainer with a truss rod cover in place. There's not a lot of real estate around that low E tuner.

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    You are almost certainly right, m0j0. I didn't notice the angled headstock.

    If the strings are pulled into the grooves at both ends of the nut, then you won't need a retainer bar, but if not (e.g. if the string post holes are particularly high and you don't wind the strings a long way down the posts), then getting one is recommended. The truss rod cover shouldn't get in the way as the bars normally have posts between the low E/A and B/high E strings, but the truss rod cover's shape can be modified to suit if necessary.

    Ibanezes vary depending on the neck shape/headstock fitted. My RG08 definitely has a flat headstock and a string retainer. Some S-series have a flat headstock (my mate's new S6570SK Prestige has one) but I know most of the S-series models have angled headstocks. The current RG range tend to be more mixed and some have flat and some angled headstock. Plus they only need a string retainer bar if they have a locking nut and a flat headstock.

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