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Thread: TB-4 Wiring help

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    TB-4 Wiring help

    Hi everyone,
    I have started building my bass guitar kit and am now up to the wiring.
    I have downloaded the wiring diagram from the pitbull web site (3 pot).
    I have a few questions and need a little help.
    First of all. the pots i have in the kit are 1 x A500 (volume) and 2 x B500K (tone) and only 1 capacitor.
    also the the wire for the pick ups is as follows.
    red and white soldered together.
    green with a shielding wire around it.
    and black.
    the wiring diagram for this guitar on this site states 2 volume and 1 tone.
    Im confussed
    please help.

    thank you

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    One capacitor is correct for the wiring diagram.

    I agree that the kit should have two A500k for volume and one B500k pot for tone. It may be worth checking with a multimeter what the mid turn resistance is on the B pot between the middle tag and one of the end ones. If it is linear, then you should be reading around 250k, if log/audio, either nearer 90k or 410k (depending on the end tag chosen). If B is linear, then email Pit Bull and ask them to send out another A pot. If log, then the A and B designations on the kit pots are simply swapped (annoying but it could happen), so use the Bs for volume and the A for tone.

    The pickups supplied have 4-conductor wiring, not the 1+ screen shown in the wiring diagram. Unless you feel like wiring the pickup coils in parallel rather than series for a brighter tone, or adding a coil split switch for single coil sounds, you use:
    Black - signal hot
    Green+screen - signal ground
    Red+White - wires that connect the two pickup coils together internally. Leave unconnected and tape up the bare ends to avoid them shorting out. If you want a coil split, then this red/white combo is connected to an extra 2-way switch that can connect the wires to ground.

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