Hi, apologies if this has been asked and answered before but thereís a few things Iím unsure of before I start my first build . I have ordered an ES-1f which I intend to stain cherry red with colourtone and finish with tru-oil.

Ive been watching plenty of you tube stuff and also going through the forum , there are a couple of things im not clear on Ė specifically relating to the guitars with a veneered front ;

Obviously sanding is extremely important to get a killer finish but given the veneer is so thin im getting the impression that you donít sand the veneer at all ? or very lightly-if so what grade ? and;
Residual glue from the veneer can effect the colour take-up so you clean that with Goof off or acetone?
Do you apply sanding sealer before colour ?
You sand the veneer very lightly between colour applications just to keep it super flat- 600?
The back and sides (solid timber) get the full sanding treatment right down to 600 + , but the whole body gets ultra fine wet rubs between the truoil coats starting from when a thick enough layer of true oil is built up (say 3 or 4 thin coats) so you can get it flat but not rub through.

Hopefully im on the right track?