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Thread: First Build GST-1

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    Leave it as it is. The important thing is that the flat surfaces are flat. If you've got dips in the wood, then it's a lot easier to aggressively sand the wood now to get the body flat, rather than have to apply lots of coats of clear in order to fill the hollows before you can then sand the clear coat flat.

    Sometimes it's worth sacrificing a bit of stain and apply another coat just to sand the flat surfaces lightly with sandpaper stuck to a long flat piece of wood just to see if there are any significant dips where the stain isn't being removed. It's almost impossible to see this without the surface being stained or having a light mist coat of a darker colour sprayed on. It's so much easier to do this at this stage than after putting the clear on and then hoping you don't sand through the clear when getting the finish flat.

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    That stain is NICE!
    I have used FW Wipe on poly on my ES-3 and GR-1SF. Iím happier with it on ES-3 for some reason...bottle variation? But overall happy with the result. Keep in mind that the first coat or two will take up a little of the stain so work from the lighter area towards the darker stain.

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    Hi Guys,
    Update on the build.. I have got a few coats of wipe on poly on now, all seems to being okay so far. Im about 8 coats in and its starting to get a nice look to it.

    In the meantime I have been working on the neck.

    Cut out the headstock and got a Golden Teak stain on the neck/headstock.

    I am now looking at putting my decal onto the headstock. I have about 6 coats of wipe on poly at the moment, but I am thinking of going a spray once i get the decal on?
    I did a test piece with the wipe on poly and not 100% happy with how it looks over the decal.
    Any suggestions?
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    Good to see Mini-Me is helping to....

    First Act ME276 (resurrected curb-side find)
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    Thatís looking fantastic. I love that colour combination. Very inspiring.

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    Starting to come along, up to about 35coats of wipe on poly, (should have spent more time grain filling) but it is slowly getting there.
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    Didnt quiet like the bright white knobs/pickguard so have changed to this look.

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    I originally tried the soaking in coffee for a week, it came out OK but it was a little blotchy and not quiet what i was after, so ended up getting some paint and im happy with this colour..

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    So the knobs and p/u covers are painted?

    I've done p/u covers with Krylon before, but never attempted knobs.
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    Yeh I have done 3 coats of paint and now putting a few clear coats on. Hopefully they come out okay, if not I'll be buying a set of cream ones haha!

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    So a bit of an update.. it's all finished! Got a little bit excited and got it done.
    While the body was curing I got stuck into the neck and the fretwork. Installed the new bone nut and got it all ready for fitting.
    After about 2 weeks of curing I then started wet sanding and polishing both the body and headstock.

    Wanted to see how it finished/ played before upgrading the pickups so I wired it up and plugged it in. No problems.

    Put everything together did a set up and it plays beautifully! Very happy with the quality of this kit and how much fun I had building/playing it.

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    And I have to thank my little helper for all of his "help".
    I will be building him one soon I reckon!
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