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Thread: Hi from Perth, Australia

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    Hi from Perth, Australia

    G'day, was told about Pitbull Guitars by a local luthier today. Sounds interesting. The choice of guitars is a bit overwhelming though. Does Pitbull do an Ibanez S series clone, prefer fixed bridge, dual humbucker.

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    G'day from Cairns, FNQ.

    Have a look at the IB-1F.

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    Hi and welcome.

    No S-series style clone guitars. But someone once did take an IB-7 and sand down the edges to make it very much like an S-series. It was a Guitar of The Month, back in 2017. So you could do something similar.

    The XB-1 looks to be a closer starting point for your requirements (general Ibz shape, 2x humbucker and fixed bridge), but the minimal controls (just volume & 3-way toggle switch) locations may put you off. But if you can rout, then some filling and routing could get you to where you wanted to be. All depends if you just want to put a kit together, or spend rather more time making it into your own creation.

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