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Thread: August GOTM

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    So to the comments -

    Rossc0's STA-1HT
    Stunning burst on a faultless build, you gotta be happy with this build.
    this burst is amazing! You have gone all in on it with guns blazing and that nitro seemed to really pay off, you certainly didnít settle for the cheap finish option. Love how you opted for an open pore finish rather than a mirror finish, this to me really suits your intended look to this strat. Great option to TruOil the neck, it has really popped that unique gran pattern throughout the whole neck and headstock. Subtle, but very well suited decals that seem to be buried perfectly in TO. I dig the cheeky Custom Shopish nod on the rear of the headstock. Some really worthy upgrades, given the effort you put into the finish, to help this baby sing true - locking tuners, bone nut, pups, wiring and bridge. Man, you must have a very steady hand a good eye to get those string thru holes lined up so well Ė that is no mean feat even for those with fancy tools to assist Ė you gotta be happy with that. Iíd certainly head for this guitar in a shop as it looks like it wants to be picked up, played and maybe fire up some SRV. Sound demo of those pups too please.
    A great classic look, the ash looks great - a nice balance between the gloss finish and letting the grain texture show.
    Really nice burst. Great job.

    Spawn25's JK-1
    Wow! What an amazing finish; unique and perfectly executed.
    certainly a labour of love gone into the finish of this one! Very well thought out preparation and execution on how you were going to finish it, which certainly paid off in the end result. Totally a one-of-a kind guitar you have here. Good job on editing the pup covers to suit what you needed to achieve. Personally I think the all black hardware has kind of washed into the finish a little and looks a little too stealthy for me. Would have preferred the look of the chrome hardware to give a little more pop and blend in the tuners from head to tail. Cool idea on the red strings to bring out that beautiful red marble effect.
    lots of work here, and nice to see one of the more unique models for a change, lots of details to look at.
    Takes me back to my misspent youth. Finish looks great.

    Kac's TL-1
    Some really inspired builds this month, and this one is sensational.
    wow just wow on the overall finish and look of this guitar. I love the selection and placement of the cloth used here and you have basically immortalised it in glass. A solid job of making the edge of the fabric border neat and tidy rather than hide it with a binding Ė I think it gives off more of an endless feel to the fabric swimming off into the horizon. Great job in editing the pickup routes and belly carve with the tools you had to achieve your goal. A hard job to get the basswood to stain evenly, but I think the back looks pretty good and ties in well with the front in terms of finish and colour selection. String through holes have been executed well and you can tell you spent some time practicing those too. Great upgrades on this guitar should yield a really decent sounding player, you could always consider upgrading the tuners down the track depending on how they hold up. Iíd love a sound demo of that pickup combination too, should you feel brave enough. Well done Kac!
    Nice job - a fabric top can be quite difficult to do right - and this one is done right. the pattern looks great and nice gloss build up on the finish. This looks classy.
    Amazing work on the front, but there appears to be a few blemishes on the back.

    Stansby40's AGM-1
    Very well executed, timeless classic build. I want one in my collection.
    what a superb first build. Great prep, you got into shaping the headstock, setting the neck and applying the timbermate early on. Having to re-sand after the first stain attempt was probably a godsend and it looks like it reminded you to go back and do the edge bevels Ė which are nice and subtle. Could have been easier on you if the neck wasnít already set, but thatís a good lesson to learn and not un-manageable. I like how you gave a nod to the G open book headstock shape but really crafted it into your own version. Would have liked a little more meat on the top of the headstock, but you were probably running out of room with your desired shape. Nice and smooth and shiny poly finish for your first go. Little blemishes here and there that are all down to the learning experience Ė which Iím sure only you will notice. Totally worthy upgrades on this build that will certainly pay off in terms of final setup and sound. Overall killer look, nice and deep classic colour that you were going for has been achieved. Should also sound killer with those pups.
    A classic SG look with some nice upgrades, it certainly looks the goods, nice job
    Classic look, done really well.

    StuartP's ESB-4
    Looks like a great build with a pro-level finish, just need to see more angles.
    from the limited view of this bass it looks like a well finished kit. Love the natural headstock and the body appears to have some shine to it. Canít tell if you decided to do a solid finish over the flame veneer, but the blonde colour suits the whole look and ties in the neck and headstock. Itís a shame there arenít more photos as we would have really liked to have had a closer look.
    These always look classy, and you've done a great job here achieving a cool retro look. A nice balance between mods and stock options, love it
    Looks really good, would have loved to see the other pictures.

    Chook's - IB6-SL
    Absolutely exquisite, faultless build. Nice work Chook.
    wow, this is a super sexy natural beauty that would make me walk straight over to it in the guitar shop. The finish looks super smooth with just a georgeous matte sheen on that just calls me to want to pick it up and play it. Love what the combination of the fuming process and linseed oil has done to both the basswood and the spalted maple veneer. Very unique and would have loved for you to share that with us via a build diary. Would have liked to see some sort of small decal or customisation to let us know itís truly your creation and something to pop the natural naked finish on this. The kit hardware looks good, how does it sound?
    These are a classy bass, and you've achieved a nice look, well done
    The finish really brings out the best out of that amazing top.

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    And the runner up - well done to Chook and his immaculately finished IB6-SL!

    And the winner - who can go past Kac's TL-1!

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    Congrats to the winners, very well done.
    Build 1 AGM-1
    Build 2 TLA-1
    Build 3 ES-3

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    Well done both of you. You do really have to pull something special out the hat these days to come out on top.
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    Tough field this month, hearty congratulations to all entrants for some stunning work. Special congratulations to the winners, Igor is clapping all three hands.
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    What a good field this month. I have to say that Fabric top Tele has become my favourite guitar Iíve seen on this site.

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    Thanks everyone, I am glad the judge see my effort on how to handle the edge of the fabric. I am sure we will see more fabric top in the future using this method rather than hiding it with binding or spray paint.

    I am really itchy of building another fabric top, but I am running out of space at home and really need to get back to play more music.

    BTW, feel free to pm me if you need help with your fabric top

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkMark View Post
    What a good field this month. I have to say that Fabric top Tele has become my favourite guitar Iíve seen on this site.
    What a honour to hear that.

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    Congratulations to the winners and to all the other builders. The quality we see here month on month is incredible.

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