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Thread: Overdrive, and animals of that nature...

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    Here's a pic of my current pedal board setup, it took me quite a few revisions to get it to this stage, but I think I'm happy with the range of tones I can get with it, anyway....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Okay, so my signal-chain goes as follows, Guitar into red Fuzz Face, then into TS-9 Tube Screamer, then into BD-2 Blues Driver, then into MT-2 Metalzone, then into Jimi Hendrix Wah, and then into the input of the guitar amp.

    Then from the FX send it goes into the Univibe (big blue pedal in the upper-right corner), then into the Boss Super Chorus, then into the RE-20 Space Echo, and then into the amp's FX return.

    I did an easily reversible mod to my red Fuzz Face in order to be able to power it straight from one of the 9V DC outs on my MXR power brick, I had previously replaced the Fuzz Face's original circuit board with a new one that had two BC108C NPN Silicon transistors on it, it uses a negative-ground system so there's no issues, the original circuit board had a positive ground system due to the two NTE158 PNP Germanium transistors.

    I found that I liked the sound of the two BC108C NPN Silicon transistors better than the original NTE158 Germaniums.

    As you can see, I have four different flavors of overdrive/distortion on my pedal board.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wazkelly View Post
    These days i am using a Xvive golden brownie that can produce those JCM800 tones through my Vox VT40 and is much better than any of the inbuilt amp options.
    ^this ^this ^this

    The Golden Brownie is freaking awesome. The presence knob really does seriously light things up. Such a cool pedal. Makes me want to check out the others in the Thomas Blug range.

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