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Thread: Jim Dunlop JD-F2 Germanium to Silicon BC108C transistor conversion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankenWashie View Post
    I had one of those, olive drab, big assed knobs and heavy and dirty as all get out. Loved that thing.
    Yep that's the one mate. With the cool timber box it came in. There more I think of it, it's bringing back more and more memories of lugging it round to jams and gigs .. so so cool

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    Many many moons ago I had the need on my workshop test bench for a multi isolated outlet 9VDC supply. Found one on Fleabay by Viloos for AU$34. It came with leads, 8x9V plus a 12V and 18V outlets, and a 1.5A 18VDC AU plug pack to power it.

    After a few months I found it worked so well on my bench that I bought 2 more for my rig, one for the input jack pedals and one intended for the effects loop pedals thus dispensing any need for a bucket load of 9V batteries. It's not exactly as how things are today as the 2nd supply intended for the effects loop is in my travel case for those times where I want to play away from home. Other than the bright Blue LED's on each output jack when a 9V lead is plugged in I've never had an issue, so I'm reluctant to spend the huge money on upper end 9V distribution gear like the MXR power brick.

    FYI, the 'other 5' on my current 'home board' are a Poly tune 3, TCE Helix, NUX Time core, Catalinbread Echorec and a Behringer NR300 gate..... so many hours of fun, noodling and writing...
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    You can't go wrong with a good Fuzz pedal on your pedal board, one of the very first FX pedals made for the electric guitar, way back in the early 60's, and it all started with a faulty Langevin mixer preamp when Marty Robbins was in the studio recording the song "Don't Worry".

    Bit of trivia there for you.

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