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Thread: 1st proper build, would welcome advice

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    Question 1st proper build, would welcome advice

    Hi, Tim here from Swansea, Wales. I have just ordered a DM 1F (the double cut, single pick up model). It's actually my second build but the first was a V from Thomann that my son and I just literally screwed together and finished with door wax. However, reading just a few posts here has made me realise I need to do a bit more to get a guitar that looks good and plays nicely. I'd be grateful for advice about:

    FINISH if the wood looks nice and matches well I'll go for a natural finish. If it's not so well matched or gnarly I'll go for a stained finish. Dingotone is not available in the UK but Crimson Guitars do a good looking range of stains and a finishing oil ( My question really is, how much prep in the way of sanding and/or filling am I likely to need to do?

    FRETS I see that a lot of builders level the frets and I don't think that would be beyond me. What specialist tools do I need? (I don't want to buy everything, just the bare necessities.)

    PICK UP I have ordered a hardware kit, so will get a P90 pick up (could be a Tone Rider?). However, my son has shown me the Warman Dominator, a quad humbucker that fits into a normal 'bucker rout ( On the one hand I fancy the simplicity of the P90 set up; on the other, a quad humbucker with coil splitting might be interesting. If I go the Dominator route I would have just a volume pot and a 3-way switch. Opinions welcome.

    Sorry about all the questions,


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    Open the box!

    The kit arrived today, very quick delivery (once I had paid the VAT ...).

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Package copy.jpg 
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    First thing to note the top veneer is really nicely matched, so that's one decision made for me. I'll be using a natural finish, no stains.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Top copy.jpg 
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    The neck fits into its pocket with a very slight intereference.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Body neck.jpg 
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    The frets are pretty well finished with just a couple of obvious snagging ends.

    All in all I am really pleased with the kit and impressed with its quality.

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    Nice looking kit. That veneer will come up a treat.

    To answer your question RE: fretting tools, I do mine with a notched straight edge to get the neck straight, a radius block to level, and a crowning file, plus some fine sandpaper and steel wool to finish. They weren't very expensive tools, and do a much better job that the tools I'd dodgied up to do the same job previously.

    Many people make their own notched straightedge, so you can do a bit of a search if you're into saving money and doing some DIY
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    Have to agree that is a nice looking veneered top plus neck also looks good too.
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