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Thread: Custom Special Left SG with 3 P90's

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    Custom Special Left SG with 3 P90's

    So, I used the wrong code when ordering a custom kit and this very unique and surprising kit turned up.

    It's a Lefty 7 string with 3 P90's and string through body bridge.

    Definitely one-of-a-kind.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Check it out here:



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    Make some more mistakes Adam, you are coming up with some good kits.....

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    As a novice on 7 strings can the wise ones tell me what is the string config on a 7 string and what would be the best way to wire this one up.

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    Hey Colin when the kit arrives can you please post some pics of the control cavity and let us know if the jack hole is on the side or not ? Looks like only 2 holes for controls but if the cavity is big enough should be able to have a switch, master volume and master tone. Being a 3 pickup axe you need to order a freeway 6 way toggle switch. You might as well order that. Link below

    Once we work out the cavity size we can finalise the wiring layout. Hopefully the jack is on the side but you may need to drill a side jack hole, Reading the description sounds like there is no switch hole drilled.
    Pretty cool looking kit by the way thats a good price for a 7 string/3 pup SG !

    The string config is your standard E A D G B E with a low B on top so is usually about 0.55/0.60 gauge
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    Man that looks cool

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