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Thread: ES 335 coil splitting

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    ES 335 coil splitting

    Hi everyone

    Just swapping out the stock pickups in my epiphone Es 335 for bare knuckle mule pickups, just wanting to know if it’s possible to fit any pots in the cavity or any other way to coil split without drilling holes in the back.or other major surgery?


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    It is possible to replace the existing pots via the pickup hole but it is fiddly as all get out. I have contemplated a re-pup on my Epi casino but shied away due to the fiddle factor. Your only issue might be body width if you want to use push pull pots to split, they tend to be quite deep/long.
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    If you check out the January 2021 GOTM thread, Rodc entered his ES-335 and states he did coil splitting with push/pull pots.
    Maybe he can offer you first hand knowledge.

    Edit for correction: I said ES-335, but it's actually a ES1-GT. Should still be relevant for fitting push/pull pots though.
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    Ah great thanks!!

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    If you are up for changing the volume/tone control config you could consider a rotary switch in place of one of the pots to do the coil tap, which would be an awful lot easier to fit in place. But losing the standard controls is going to be a big compromise for most folk.
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    If you search youtube there are several vids showing how.

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