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    HHH guitars

    hi everyone

    Just parking ideas here.

    1) Do you think there would be interest in a les paul style with HHH configuration? Maybe with a spalted maple top? I have one in a China kit. ... so I know the factories can do it. Just this week, I bought a used J&D les paul HHH for cheap which I plan to rebuild... so that has me thinking that an HHH les paul with a spalted top may be something novel.

    2) There can be offered a truly ash "Strat custom" kit - all that's in the basic kit is body with a swimming rout, and a neck. The hardware supplied can just be a bridge (or a hard tail if easier for manufacturing) ... and options:

    a) Wiring harness for 250K pots , or 500K pots. A 5-way switch as standard.
    b) Pickguard options - HS, HH, HHH, P90x3 etc ... maybe the same supplier as where Stratosphere gets their pickguards.

    .... some similar configuration to (2) would make it interesting for someone who wants to build something unique rather than all the same-same kits offered everywhere ... either that or buy body + neck and throw out the rest of the hardware.

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    There might be interest in an LP in various configurations, but Pitbull will not stock them due to legal issues.
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