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Thread: Hi everyone! Newbie with a problem.

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    Great advice, Simon. Thanks.

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    I think I'm going to hold on to it and follow the steps you have given. It's my first build and it was always going to be a learning piece anyway. Hopefully I can do your sound advice justice and have a nice playing guitar by the end of it.

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    One small suggestion that works for me. When doing accurate stuff like neck pocket/heel reshaping, even with a flat block I find it awfully difficult to keep the surface truly flat with sandpaper. It has a frustrating tendency to end up with a curved surface. What I find easier is to use a new Stanley knife blade, held vertical, as a scraper. And you can press down harder on one side than the other if you need to scrape more on that side.

    Also, do you know the bright light trick? Hold a steel rule or square against the surface at 90degrees and look along the surface at a bright light. High spots will be dark and low spots show up brights you can scrape it far more level than you could ever possibly measure.
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    Good advice Jim, thanks.

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