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Thread: Harmony H22

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    Harmony H22

    Hey Adam,
    How about a Harmony H22 Bass? I've recently seen these over and over again. Never knew about them, then, like a car you want, you see them again and again. Just watched a documentary on The Small Faces, again, Ronnie Lane wearing a Harmony H22 Bass with a BLACK Pickguard. This is a really cool bass!
    I might commit to another build.

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    Possible copyright/trademank issues. Whilst the original Harmony company shut up shop in 1975, there was a distributor, Westheimer Corp, who sold reissue Harmonies (including an H22), and since 2018 there is a new Harmony company that currently sells new design guitars, but looks to be ready to sell some reissue types as well.

    So you'd have to search into the details of what is and what isn't currently protected.

    It looks like the H22 was created by utilising the body from a Harmony Rocket (H53, H54 and H59 models) and fitting it with a short scale neck, which, by necessity of fitting the existing pocket, was thin all the way up. Which means that once you've made the body, you can also do a guitar neck for it and make a Rocket model as well.

    But the secret to getting anything like a decent copy is sourcing some decent gold-foil pickups. The pointy rotary selector switch is also fairly unique and is likely to be hard to source.

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    Being in the land of American built Harmony guitars, I'd have thought you'd see old Harmony thrift store bargains relatively often. I know over here in Australia, they're rare as hen's teeth, and typically, no bargain!

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