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Thread: February GOTM

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    Thatís really lovely Tony, I really dig the gold and maroon scheme, great work!
    IGOR, I know it can be done, the question is, should we be the ones doing it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankenWashie View Post
    Thatís really lovely Tony, I really dig the gold and maroon scheme, great work!
    Thanks FrankenWashie. Was good to finish my first build. Only problem now is I'm already thinking about my next one

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharpy View Post
    Nice work Mark your PRS-1H looks awesome.

    Thought I'd submit my first build. Took on the GR-1SFG through December and January.

    Had some challenges with the finish. Started staining it but then couldn't get a nice smooth finish with the polyurethane so went with paint instead. Not the finish I was going for but happy enough with it.

    Moved some of the control knobs around so it was more like a Gibson ES-275.

    Anyway here are some pics.


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    I love this. Whatís the paint process? That gold looks lovely. Like the anniversary series.

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    Thanks BuffaloGhost. Honestly nothing special with the painting process. Just a couple of cans of spray paint and a can of clear coat. I had stained the body and applied polyurethane so I had to sand off the poly first but then it was just a case of masking the binding and spraying it.

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    This is my Thanoscaster.
    I used dartfords wood dye to get the colour, innumerable very diluted coats as I didnít want to overpower that grain.
    Grain filled with a darker mix on the neck for a dirty effect.
    Multiple coats of Tru Oil on the body polished with 3000 grit wet and dry as well as three coats on the neck.
    I decided against using the pickguard included as I couldnít stand the idea of drilling into that body.
    In its place I used a p90 pickup cover routed out to hold the lipstick in place.
    My original plan was to use a hot rail hunbucker in the bridge but I decided against it for numerous reasons.
    I used a template from a 50s tele for the headstock and added the ďpinchedĒ effect on the outer curve to distinguish it as my own.
    No real upgrades from the original parts supplied in the kit as I was really happy with the quality of all of them.

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    Thanks mate, I very nearly didnít enter when I saw the other builds entered. Both incredible looking guitars.

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