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Thread: Swamp Ash Bodies

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    Quote Originally Posted by McCreed View Post
    I agree. High quality Alder ST bodies from Japan are around the $200AU mark, so 200 for proper Swamp Ash is probably as good as you're going to get here. (providing there is precision to the routing etc. as previously stated)

    2-3 piece unfinished Swamp Ash bodies from GFS come in over 200 because of stupid expensive shipping costs they charge. And anything from Warmoth (premium quality IMO) will put you into $400 range (exchange rate, gst, shipping).

    Even after living here 22 years, it still sh*ts me that guitar hardware, timber and gear are still so expensive here.
    Admittedly, prices have improved since 1997.
    The 60s & early 70s were much worse for new Fenders, but the ones we lust after today with massive price tags were just old guitars in pawn shops & music stores and cheap as chips.

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