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Thread: djb's flying V build diary

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    A couple more showing the nice contrast between the binding and the colombian gold.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice colour. I've got the feeling that the gold layer is only really going to do much if you've got open pores or grain lines for it to fill. With the maple veneer and basswood body, it's all closed-pore wood. But it was worth a try.

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    Thanks Simon, thanks for saying. Actually, the aside from the maple veneer, it is a mahogany V, so there are parts that look a little gilt. In the photos here, we see its current state. About 5 days of curing after the last satin top coat of wudtone. So, with one order's worth, I managed to get these results. I got three coats of the dye, two coasts of the dye half/half with the gold tint, and three coats of the satin top. The directions say wait at least a week for curing before strapping on and flying, but I think I will wait a little longer. My black magic woman wudtone strat could have used a bit more time before I put her to work for me.
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    The back and headstock look really pretty to me. The maple took the wudtone better than I thought it would. Their literature says that maple isn't very suitable, certainly not like ash or mahogany. There are a few glue spots on the top that I did not catch pre finish. Still, imperfect is like so whatever. Ive learned a lot of lessons so far with this build and honestly I am not letting these spots ruin my excitement. Still a ways before we fly, but its looking pretty good to me so far.

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    Ok. Cured enough for this cowboy. I have started the final assembly which so far is going very well. I put a few random old strings on here just to check the intonation, neck straightness, and all that jazz. I can get a decent action if I put the bridge pretty low. Maybe the neck angle isnt perfect, but the intonation is dead perfect and the action is good enough. Its not difficult to play, but I was hoping for lower in the higher register. I will tweak it some more.

    Since it seems like it is going to play well enough, I went ahead and ordered a case from some Chinese factory. Here in Mexico any guitar case is very expensive. I can get one custom made and delivered for 150 US. And since it is custom, I can choose the colors so I chose my favorites. Brown on the outside and pink on the inside.
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    What-s holding me up now is the completion of the plastic bits being made into granedillo wood by a carpenter buddy who lives right down the lane. The pick guard is almost perfect, just need to shave a bit off around where the pups go The the jack plate and truss rod cover are coming soon out of the same wood. I figure by my next show I will be flying high on this here flying V.
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    Got the guards. Everything fits spectacularly. Aye, but they have just been sprayed, so they-ll have to dry overnight before use!
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    Here we see the originals that came with the kit. My buddy used these as templates.
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    Friend and neighbor Manuel did an excellent job far surpassing my expectations. Muchas gracias Manuel!

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    I love Vs but really dislike pickguards. Those replacements are fantastic, though. Can't wait to see the finished product.

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    Thanks Matthew! I just figured I would keep with the Albert King theme and get a wooden pickguard made, if possible. It won-t be long now. I did a bit of necessary fretwork yesterday. Not much was needed at all, I am happy to say. Very impressed with pit bull!!!

    Here is the pickguard with the wiring harness and knobs attached. I decided to invest in a nice wiring harness, because in my experience without good wiring, even the best pickups can be lackluster. Now, I just gotta get her wired up to the pups, stringed up, and it will be time to flying V!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    and. . . .that's all folks!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thank you very much, Simon!

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