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Thread: EXM-1 Lefty Build (First Build)

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    Hi all,

    i'm making a few changes and wanted to get some wiring help.
    i didn't like the original 3-way switch that came with the kit so i bought an on-on-on DPDT switch similar to the one below.

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    I've been searching around and cannot seem to find a diagram that shows exactly how i need to wire it up.
    I have a standard double humbucker setup with a volume and tone pot.
    wired according to the pitbull standard wiring diagram below

    Any help or direction would be appreciated.

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    Have a look at this diagram. It explains how that type of switch is wired. It doesn't matter which type it is

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I've marked up a switch with the necessary connections. Strip the input and output cables back enough so the bare wire can reach across both sets of terminals as shown, and solder them on.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Green is the output cable running off to the volume and tone pot (the centre blue wire in the PBG diagram).

    The blue wire is the signal cable from the neck pickup, and the magenta wire is the signal cable from the bridge pickup.

    The switch doesn't appear to have a ground tag, so there's no need to run a ground wire to it.

    Note that this wiring is with respect to the switch 'up' and 'down' positions. First mark the end of the switch you want to be 'up' with a marker pen or bit of tape etc. and then wire accordingly. Then install it with the 'up' end facing up in the guitar. If you get it wrong, you only have to rotate the switch 180 to correct things.

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    Thank you so much Simon. Spent the last hour searching reading trying to understand the differences between double and single poles, and throws enough to make sense of the diagrams i had seen.

    clearly my electronics knowledge is seriously lacking, will need to rectify that...

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