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Thread: First Build TLD-1TP

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    Quote Originally Posted by king casey View Post
    That is rather interesting.
    I don't see any 24.75" 'F' style necks listed in the Pitbull 'Necks' section.
    Would be keen to create a 'Mustang' style guitar if they were.

    cheers, Mark.
    I don't think Adam keeps everything in stock that he can get. He's quick to respond to PMs ;-)

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    Wow! I think this is only the second build diary for one of these. Canít wait to see what you do with it.

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    I couldn't find another build on it, I'll have to do some more searching! I bought some Bondi Blue stain for the top and the plan is to shellac the back and maybe the neck. I have to do some experiments on a scrap bit of maple to see the contrast.

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    Hi, I've just mocked up my MBM1 and where the neck fits really nicely with the scale length But I have a small gap between the bottom of the neck heel and the pocket. Is this normal/acceptable? If I sand the pocket so that the heel sits flush I'm not going to have the correct scale length. It looks similar to the photos above and the note in the original thread but I can't seem to find the answer.
    First build, lots of questions.

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    I'd send an email off to Adam. He has been super helpful getting this measurement problem sorted.

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    Your neck scale is what it is. It looks to be nearer a PRS 25" scale than a Gibson or Fender scale.

    If anything, with 315mm to the 12th fret, you should be looking at maybe 316-317mm from the centre of the 12th fret to the top E saddle - but you really want to measure it from the neck side of the top E nut slot straight to the top E saddle position. It's hard to tell if you've made a measurement mistake because we can't see both ends of the tape measure in the picture.

    I certainly wouldn't trust the metal hook end of the tape measure to be dead accurate, so would use just the tape edge starting at 10mm (or even 100mm) and do a simple subtraction for the overall distance. The 12th fret to saddle length will always be a few mm longer than nut to 12th fret position once the guitar is intonated. Wind the top E saddle all the way forwards and measure between that and the top E nut slot (fretboard face side) as that will be your best case/shortest distance between the nut and saddle that you can achieve.

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    Thanks for the tips Simon

    I did all my measurements from 10mm but didn't want to cause confusion with the photos. Was doing the whole phone in one hand foot on tape trick for the images.

    The neck is the exact same scale as my SG. Ive probably measured this about 1000 times hoping to be wrong

    Edit: If I can find something/someone to hold the phone I'll get a full length pic
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    Just stuck the neck back on to measure again to save my sanity and you are spot on with the 25" nut to bridge. Still seems too far out tho... The plot thickens
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    Huzzah! So the build will go on! I talked it over with Adam and determined the bridge spacing and that the neck is a Gibby scale (24.75"). That plus the string angle to bridge tolerance leaves a small bit of fitment sanding to do.

    Thank you everyone that has helped so far with working this out, this novice has learnt a great deal already

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