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Thread: Modifying an EX to look like an LTD

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    Modifying an EX to look like an LTD

    For my next build, Iíd like to take an EX guitar kit:

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    and sharpen the points to make it look more like these ďHeavy Metal-typeĒ guitars:

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    Not necessarily exactly like the LTD or Ironbird, but I want straight lines and sharp edges. Does anybody have an idea how to do this? I was thinking about sawing off body sides, then adding wood to make the pointed ends.

    I havenít even bought the kit yet but am planning on making a gloss black axe with one EMG Ď81 bridge pickup and a chrome Washburn Wonderbar tremolo. (I used one of those in the Ď80s. Itís a fantastic device that only needs a few screws to mount.) Click image for larger version. 

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    I simply donít know how to do this kind of woodworking.
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    Check out some of the builds by MaxAxe - probably the maddest scientist I've seen on the forum so far in terms of body modifications. Otherwise there have been a couple around. Overall though - you sound like you're on the right track.

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    Thanks, Brendon. Iíll check it out if I can find him...the link you have doesnít work and I canít find him. Iíll keep looking.

    I had this guitar in the Ď80s

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I sold it and have been trying to find another or at least create something similar with the Explorer-type shape. I have a vision for an upgraded version of Aceís Washburn:

    1. Gloss black
    2. Chrome preferably Washburn hardware - because as Gene Simmons once said, ď looks cool on guitars!Ē (I think heís right)
    3. EMG Ď81 pickup. - only 1, with a coil splitter (utilizing capacitors) and stutter toggle switch. As I recall, active pups donít need shielding.
    4. Sharp edges
    5. Silver Pit Bull Guitars decal
    6. Some kinda original silver painted design on the gloss black body

    Thatís The PLAN!

    Oh, if you want a new guitar like the one I just described...good luck. Thereís nothing new right now that looks like that.
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