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Thread: Dingotone first timer

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    Dingotone first timer

    Hi Guys,

    Hope all is well in the community. I'm new to the dingotone side of things but have built and upgraded a few guitars, I just have a few questions.
    1) When you apply say a blue then apply a red over that does it work together and go purple or does it go a darker blue kind of colour? The same question wth blue and a yellowish colour in the dingotone range does it go green? The reason I'm asking as there is no green or purple colour on the pitbull website atm. Do they normally have those colours and have run out?
    2) When saying, apply a blue colour and you have the black colour also and want to have that burst kind of look is it best to apply the blue wait for it to dry then apply the black later or can you apply the blue and when you are happy with the blue colour start applying the black? I've seen some videos where they apply the blue then the black (Burst look) and then the blue over the black again to help the burst kind of look. Is that the same with dingo tone?
    3) I'm sorry for the many questions & and this is not a dingotone question but hopefully you guys can help, as this is my first glued neck, how long do I need to clamp it and how much of the pitbull glue do I need to use?

    Thank again Guys
    and I'm happy to be back building guitars again.
    Newbie and Lovin building my guitar. Looking forward to the next build.
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    The best DT burst I recall seeing have been yellow/red, or orange/red bursts. When the colours are closer you can blend the border between the colours while the stains are wet. I’ve only tried it once, it worked sort of. The DT blue colour tends to come out as a sort of “worn denim” effect, so may not be what you are after. It can be a bit patchy.

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