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Thread: Build #2: Custom DMS-4

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    Build #2: Custom DMS-4

    Here I go again.

    I've been a big fan of short scale basses for around a year or so now. Basically since I bought a Squier Bronco to mod. I love the extra thump, the light weight body, & how fun they are to play.

    As much as I love playing the Bronco, there are a few things that I don't like -
    1.The neck. I'm not a big fan of maple fretboards, & my preference is generally for a slimmer jazz neck. I'm also a big fan of the look of block inlays.
    2. The tuners. Fiddly AF.
    3. The pickup. It's a 6 pole guitar pick-up, say no more. When it comes to pickups, I prefer the simplicity & punch of a single P-Bass pickup.

    I had planned on slowly modding the Bronco & bought a new bridge, a new set of tuners, & a Bartolini 8S P-bass pick-up. I got as far as changing over the pickup, but due to the reduced string spacing I muffed up the placement. I couldn't find a direct sub for the Bronco tuners, & couldn't be bothered drilling out the holes.. & I ended up not hating the Bronco bridge, so I left it in place. I stuck a set of flats on it & have been playing it as is since.

    When I saw the DMS-4 come online, I thought I'd make use of the various other bits of hardware that I had acquired for the Bronco & I put a custom order in. I figured at the same time I could also tinker around with the Bronco again - which I'll post more on later, in a seperate thread.

    For the DMS-4 kit I went for a Mahogany body with PB pick up only, ditching the J pickup & toggle switch. A short scale 30" bolt on Maple neck with Rosewood fretboard, block inlays, cream binding, & a bone nut.

    I opted for sea freight so have been waiting patiently for it to arrive for a couple of months now. I shot Adam an email this morning to check progress, & as luck would have it, it was delivered to PBG yesterday.

    Adam kindly sent me some pics:

    I cannot wait for this to arrive & get stuck in.

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    Look forward to seeing what you do with it!
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