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Thread: Neck setting. Backward bow.

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    Neck setting. Backward bow.

    So the neck is on, the electrics work, but I've got the truss rod wound all the way off an the next is still bowed back. I've got bridge up as high as i can. Works ok down to the fourth fret. I could reset the neck but that won't fix the backward bow. Any ideas welcome.

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    Hi Bradboy, sorry to hear you are having issues

    I have done the below in the past to varying degrees of success.

    1. Lay it on a solid wooden bench or thick flat plank, put some wooden spacers under the Center and then clamp the ends down and leave it a couple of days to see if it shifts back towards level.

    2. Suspend it between two woodblocks at neck and head ends and put a weight in the center and again leave it for a couple of days.

    You need to pad up and use cauls when clamping obviously, to protect your finish and prevent marking board or neck. If that doesnít fix it you can also apply heat, but this might damage whatever finish youíve already applied.

    best of luck!

    if it seems really bad, take some pics against a straight edge and contact Adam @PBG. Heís really good with this sort of stuff.
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    ...I've got the truss rod wound all the way off...
    Do you mean you've turned the t-rod nut to the point that it is loose, or that you have turned it all the way anti-clockwise to the point it has stopped?

    I'm under the impression that all PBG kits come with dual action truss rods? A 2-way rod should be able to correct back-bow unless there are other issues at play there.
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