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Thread: STA-F First Build

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    STA-F First Build

    Hi! Iíve just received my STA-F kit and Iím excited to have a crack at it/nervous because itís my first time building. Any advice would be appreciated!

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    I've had a mock build and realised that I think I've got the wrong pickguard? I should have all black controls and pickups, and in an HSS config not three singles. Also, don't think the pickguard is long enough as the body is exposed between the bridge and pickguard. I've attached a picture, just want someone to confirm that I'm not going insane lol.
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    I can confirm you do not have all black controls and pickups.
    Are you going insane? Undecided.
    Shame itís not what you asked for, it looks like a nice looking kit.
    I know I seen plenty of Tele kits with consistently similar issues with the scratch plate/bridge junction, unfortunately I havenít seen many stratís lately. Personally I look at the picture and the gap doesnít bother me, but if it did bother you I could understand. Weíre all different.

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    The bridge/pick guard area is actually fine. There should be a bit of a gap there. If it is out of kilter it is because the pickguard isnít sitting straight, probably due to the neck cutaway. On my last guitar I had to reshape the bass side on the neck cut of the pickguard slightly so that the pickguard would align properly.

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    Looks like you got the standard loaded pickguard and not the one for that kit. Some of PBG's ST pickguard pages specifically mention incompatibility with the STAF-1, but not other ST kits. The white SSS pickguard doesn't mention that, whether it's because intended to be compatible, or the page hasn't been updated since the STAF-1 was listed.
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    Thanks for the help.

    Am currently awaiting the HSS pickguard I paid for, which is on backorder so should be with me in the next couple weeks. I'll continue on when that arrives.

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    The gaps around the pick guard and bridge are normal on factory built Fenders too. My cheap Squire made in Indonesia has nice uniform gaps on either side of the bridge but my Fender Custom Shop made in US is slightly off. Go figure.
    Take a bit of time filing and modifying yours and you'll probably do a better job than the factory. You're not under the pump to get the job done quickly like they are.

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