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Thread: Pearlescent finish advice please

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    Pearlescent finish advice please

    Hi all

    Just after a quick bit of advice please. I have purchased a SHB-4 headless bass kit. I want to finish it in Pink pearlescent finish (thinking pink Jaydee Mark King style).

    I understand the need to sand and seal etc. Does anyone have any advice on what sort / brand of paint to finish it with?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Best wishes

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    I have done a couple of kits with auto acrylics with pearl in them. Sand, prime with high fill auto primer, sand some more, another coat with more thinners, sand , spray several coats of your colour over a few days giving a light sand between coats. On the last coat I usually try to keep all the passes going in one direction, I was told it helps with the pearl effect, not sure if its true but it doesnt hurt. Then a few coats of clear, sanding after the first couple of coats, then finer and finer till your get to 2000 grit, from there you can cut and polish with car polish or get some sanding pads that go down to 10000grit and finish with car polish.
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    Many thanks Dedman

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    This is great, thanks Dedman. I'm pretty keen to try this too
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