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Thread: Template for a non reverse firebird headstock

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    Template for a non reverse firebird headstock

    Hi , im currently saving up for one of the es-1tl kits

    I was wondering if a non reverse firebird head stock would fit on the blank headstock?
    And if so does anyone know of a template that has the machine head holes marked out aswell?
    Searching google i have only found either a blank template with no holes.
    or a sheet with measurements for the holes a tele i could convert

    I wanted to do some practice on some blank wood i have at home.

    NB. this is my first kit and have no idea what im doing headstock wise.

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    Oh and also if i find im terrible at shaping does the headstock shaping service still exist?

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    It probably won’t fit exactly, but you could make an approximation.

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    I'm almost a seasoned veteran at headstock mutilation.
    It does take some practice to get right.
    You don't need specialised tools (unless you have the cabbage to spare).
    All I used was a hand saw and a coarse rasp.
    Files and sandpaper to finesse the rest.

    Tuning holes is another learning curve.
    Mark them out accurately and if you don't have a drill press,
    you can use this gadget that I used on string through holes.

    cheers, Mark.

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