I know this is nothing new, but I thought I'd share my recent experience...

I recently acquired an inexpensive airbrush kit with the intention of using it to spray necks. My thought was that it would be an effective and efficient alternative to my big gravity gun.
Well, I was right. I wish I'd done this a while ago!

I didn't want to spend 100's of dollars for my first foray into the process, so opted for a budget model (off fleabay) but the quality actually appears to be pretty good (at least from my newbie perspective).

This neck I'm doing is a refret and complete re-finish, but the airbrush will be just perfect for re-spraying a finished maple board after a refret. It provides a nicely targeted spray area with very little overspray and allows for much more control than a rattle can. Also clean up is less intensive than my full size gun. I'm currently spraying poly, but can't wait to blow some lacquer through it.

I know an entire guitar can be done with an airbrush (I've seen plenty that have achieved great results) but I think I'll stick to the large gun for bodies.

I encourage anyone that's using rattle can poly or lacquer to get an airbrush and have a go. They can be used in the same environment that you're using for your can spraying (with less mess from overspray). I reckon it will be more cost effective in the long run too.

I'll keep using this cheapie model for now, but can see a higher quality unit in my future.