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Thread: Rosewood Update

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    Rosewood Update

    I don't know if this has been posted already, but it looks like good news on the Rosewood front.

    As a business that sells locally and internationally, it's been an absolute nightmare to deal with Rosewood/Engineered Rosewood, so I would be very happy if this actually happens.

    That said, we have just received new Pau Ferro fretboards from our "A Series" supplier and they look amazing.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Has anyone had experience with the Pau Ferro, Jatoba, Roasted Jatoba, or the new, improved "Engineered Rosewood" on our DST and GST kits? We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of these fretboards. What do you think?



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    That Pau Ferro looks nice, but it's still not Rosewood.

    I have a couple of necks with the older Engineered Rosewood. It's not awful, but there's no knowing yet how it will hold up over time.

    I've seen the CITES change story reported in several different places over the last couple of days. I truly hope it's as positive as all the reporting is spinning it.
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    The CITES change went through, so rosewood boards on guitars are now exempt from the trading restrictions. The change come into effect 90 days after the change was approved (28th August 2019). So from 25/26th November 2019, guitars/kits with rosewood boards (except Brazilian rosewood) become an easily exportable/importable commodity again.

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