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Thread: Dingotone boo boo

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    Dingotone boo boo

    I had sanded my guitar down to 1200 then after receiving my dingotone and Instructions, I sanded the guitar again with a 400. On applying the stain, there were a few spots where stain was not getting through to the wood. I assumed that I had over sanded these spots with the 1200 grit and when I sanded again at 400, most of these unstained spots were in the curves as if I didnt get them sanded to 400.

    I decided to give the spots a sand and reapply, but they only got worse. I am at 4 days and I dont know whether to keep going and accept the flaw or try and find a solutiion.

    I certainly would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had a similar problem or anyone who might have a solution? Thank you

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    Hi wheat, are you able to post some photos. It would definitely help us work out what is going on.

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    Try to upload picture

    Uploading picture failed d

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    The forum uploader is a bit finicky with image size and resolution. There are a couple of ways you can get images in your post. I like Imgur, which you can use by following the instructions in this link:
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thank you very much, the finish is looking better after taking the step to continue with the Intensifier. Ill still try and get pics up.

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