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    Neck Angle

    Hi All,

    I've just finished my first PBG build (just putting a few touch ups before posting) which was awesome fun (SV1). I now have a non PBG as a second build and have some questions about neck angle.

    I have a curved PRS style body and i've selected a stop tail from mannmadeusa which looks awesome, but i've found that it means the string height looks a little too much.

    I've done some calculations and found that it probably needs a bout a 2 deg angle to then give me some possible height adjustment on the bridge. The neck is a glue in, so not sure about doing a shim on a glue in neck? Any suggestions?? Do you just put in a wedge and glue that first then the neck?? Does putting in the shim change the scale length measurement when working out the location of the saddle?

    I plan to replace the nut which is a few mm smaller in height so that may help a little but the action is still a little high.

    EDIT: It seems putting in a couple bits of cardboard at one end (not really think) makes the strings just touch the its not much that i need. Could i glue a wooden heel into pocket and then glue neck onto that?? I've added a pick of the cardboard shim.
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