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Thread: Greetings from Mex

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    Greetings from Mex

    Hello everyone,

    I am new as of today to this forum. I have been lurking for a few weeks though, reading this, searching for that, etc. It has sort of begun to consume me. . . .

    I am waiting on a price confirmation, but I am very likely to order a customized version of the FV-1G. I have been jonesing for a flying V for quite some time now. I actually had a harmony flying V as my second electric guitar back in 1986, but I stupidly sold it before I learned how to play very well. Ever since then I have had this constant nagging in the back of my mind that I need a flying V!

    I have limited experience putting guitars together. I have done a couple of frankenstrat type guitars over the years and a fair degree of modding on regular brand guitars. A couple of questions that are eating away at me here at first.

    1) How much drilling is involved with these kits? I have only ever measured and drilled for six screw tremolos on bolt-on necks. For example, will the V come with the holes for the ferrules already drilled or is that something I am expected to do?

    2) Part of the "customization" of this kit includes a set neck. While the Harmony V didn't have one, I feel a Flying V should have one. So, I have pretty good practical knowledge of how to do this, but how difficult is it actually to do?

    3) How is the fretwork on these kits? In my limited experience, all I have ever had to do was polish them up a bit.

    Ok it's great to be here and I look forward to docmenting this process with you all. I also look forward to digging up some photos of other people's FV-1G builds.
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    Hi Mate,

    Canít help you with any of your questions as I am new here but am sure you will get the answers you need.

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    Welcome doltex.

    I don't have first-hand experience with the V's but can help with some of your more general questions.

    For example, will the V come with the holes for the ferrules already drilled or is that something I am expected to do?
    Looking at the standard kit you linked, the string-through holes are pre-drilled and appear to be different diameters from front to back.
    One would presume a custom order would be the same unless you specified otherwise. I do not know this to be fact but a reasonable assumption I think.

    So, I have pretty good practical knowledge of how to do this, but how difficult is it actually to do?
    There's plenty of info here, and if you have "good practical knowledge" you should be fine. Screw-fixed necks are usually a good first-timer's option, but plenty have had success with set-neck first builds. The obvious things are making sure you get the scale length right; aligning the neck correctly. Measure twice - glue once!

    How is the fretwork on these kits?
    I'd plan on having to do at least some fretwork. Some necks are better than others, but most builders here I know of will do a complete level & crown (and fret ends). I have only done two PBG kits (lots of other builds though) and I would say the extent of work required will vary. (fwiw, I did full level & crown on mine). At minimum, it could be just smoothing fret ends and possibly seating a few high frets. The latter may or may not fix the issue though.

    None of this stuff is rocket science, but it's not hard to eff up if you don't have at least some basic tool skills.
    Taking your time, thinking ahead and asking heaps of questions will get you through most anything.
    Good luck and look forward to future posts once you get underway!

    Making the world a better place; one guitar at a time...

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    Hello again. Thanks for the welcoming advice! I appreciate it.

    I just now paid for my custom FV-1G order. I am so excited and I am really looking foward to this. I just changed a couple of things from the original:

    set neck
    LP style headstock instead of arrow shape
    top ferrules instead of V plate
    dots instead of blocks
    mahogany body and neck w/ ebony board

    Cheers to all!

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    Welcome aboard doltex, love the sound of the kit will be intrigued to watch it progress!
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    Welcome Doltex!

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    Hello again! still waiting on the kit to be sent delivered to me. . .looking forward to getting started soon!

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    Hi there. still waiting. They must be back logged at the custom shop.

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    Long wait mate!

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    Normally 3 months wait for custom orders to be built, then unless you've got it coming straight from the factory, add on a few weeks shipping time to Australia and then air freight to you.

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