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Thread: Ground Wires

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    Ground Wires

    Is it possible to route all ground wires (Pickups, Input, Bridge, etc) together into one of those Lego like electrical blocks and then a single wire out the other side to the pot?

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    I've done something very similar in that I bunch my grounds together as much as I can, not as tidy as your idea, but same principle with no issues.
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    Thanks. Iím building an MKA-2 where everything is connected to the scratch plate. It would make future disconnecting easier, just releasing the earth ground from the bridge.

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    It's called "star grounding".
    I also do it, but I use a ring connector similar to the linked photo.
    ring connector - star ground

    FTR, that's not my work, just a photo I quickly found online.

    There is a bit of controversy over star grounding and ground loops, and noise, whether or not to do it, yada-yada-yada, but I've never had an issue. I just find it easier and tidier like RossCo.
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