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    hi guys,

    I have a strat kit which i am finishing in dingo tone stain. i have stained the body several times, applied several intensifying coats and am now applying some finishing coats....inbetween the finishing coats i am lightly rubbing the body with steel wool as per instructions...i bought a magnet to attract off any of the steel wool filings before the next finishing coat but the steel wool is sticking to the body....also the body has little build ups of stain on it by the looks of it its not totally smooth..

    i have some 1200grit sand paper could i lightly sand the body then apply more final coat then repeat the process until its smoother and the steel wool fibres are removed?

    any feedback is greatly appreciated thanks guys.

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    Yes, you could use the 1200 grit lightly. If the steel wool specks are sticking to the body I would suggest that the top coat is not properly cured when you are using the steel wool. This is very easy at this time of year. The Dingotone top coat is a bit of a fiddle, you have to use very thin coats and you need warm but dry weather for it to dry quickly. In winter you may need to leave weeks between coats for them to dry enough.

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