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Thread: Newbie here, waiting for a couple PBG kits

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    Newbie here, waiting for a couple PBG kits

    Ordered a customized EX-1 and FV-1 a while back, so I'm waiting for those to arrive. I think Adam said September.

    Explorer will have a Fender style bolt on neck instead of the Gibson style neck. Want to put a strat hardtail bridge on it, and probably do a Fender arrow headstock. I think that will look pretty good with the angular Explorer body style.

    V will be rear routed and have the string through bridge instead of the tailstop, more like the FV-1G. Got an awesome deal on a nearly complete GFS Redactive Humbucker kit, so I'll route out a battery box slot and make this one active.

    Have a non-PBG kit I'm working on in the meantime. It's an LP style with a really sloppy veneer I've given up on. Someone experienced possibly could have salvaged it, but for a first kit it just had too many issues with glue spots and splatter. So I'm settling for paint, which is fine because I already planned to paint the Pit Bull kits. Makes for a practice opportunity.

    I think I have the process for painting planned out, with materials available locally.

    Sand wood to 220-320 grit
    Apply a sealer or primer, thinking Duplicolor sandable primer.
    Sand to 400-600 grit
    Apply paint, thinking Duplicolor acrylic lacquer (Perfect Match line)
    Apply clear, probably Minwax aerosol lacquer

    Also have an oddball question. I have a nice metal toggle switch cap, but it doesn't fit my toggle switch! I know the cap is M3.5 x .6 size, so I'd like to get a toggle switch to fit it. Is there a way to visually determine the difference or am I just going to have to ask some sellers what size caps their switches take? I was thinking maybe the closed/box style switches might be that size instead of M4 x .7?

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    Welcome Mate! Your build plans sound great! Look forward to seeing how they go.
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    Welcome Chaosblade

    First Act ME276 (resurrected curb-side find)
    Scratchie lapsteel
    Custom ST-1 12 String
    Scratch Lapsteel
    Meinl DIY Cajon
    Cigar Box lap steel

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    Thanks for the welcome.

    Have another question, one I probably should have asked when I was emailing about the custom orders. When you do a custom order that changes the hardware, does the kit include the hardware?

    Specifically, I'm wondering if I need to order my own ferrules and V tailpiece (in chrome) since both of those kits normally come with tune-o-matic bridges.

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