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Thread: OK. Help. Stain bleed.

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    Thanks all. I came across this little do-hicky this morning at that big hardware place that I'm not a huge fan of. You can adjust the length of the blade. I'll try to attach photos of it. I'm afraid the bleeding has gone too deep in the cracks but I'll give metho a try on them maybe.

    Thanks again,

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    Oboe Reed Knife. Works great, better than razor etc, easy to control. You can set your thumb as the depth guide - an oboe knife won't cut you, you can wrap your fingers around it, but it scrapes like the dickens. Pricey these days, but worth it.

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    I made a scraping tool out of a 20mm dowel and razor blade similar to the one shown in this link:

    I found it much easier to control than a blade on its own. If you do a web search, there a number of DIY ideas based on the same principle.

    I had everything I needed in my shed already, so it didn't even require a trip to the hardware store.

    And FWIW, I would still mask the binding. Yes, you still have to scrape, but it minimises how much you do by at least 90%.
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    Up to here now. Got some blotches from what I expect is glue so decided to do a burst. Mahogany from black. Thing I noticed is that when I put the colour enhancer on and wiped it off it thinned the black, or the black thinned the mahogany, anyway it's a lot lighter in some places. Doesn't look bad. I just didn't know what to do with the finish to prep it for the colour enhancer and now I'm not sure what to do before the final shiny stuff except just wait.

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    In future donít bring the stain to the edge where the binding is, bring it just shy and the Ďbleedí should run and stop before it bleeds into binding.
    I havenít done this on a guitar, but I make wooden furniture for a living and do it this way all the time.
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    Yeah, i kinda thought that but after the conversation and the tips about the bleed i was in two minds. The tape didn't work and ididn't know if the stain would spread. My next one will be a solid body.

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    So there I was, with exactly the result on the neck that I wanted after just one coat of satin Cabothane.
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    But, never satisfied and having read about people sanding between coats I gave it the lightest possible sand I could, but on one part it took all the colour. So I reapplied some black stain and then some colour enhancer and well, it didn't work.
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    Am I going to have to sand it all the way back and start again? Any tips welcome.

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    I tried the dish sponge so a recovery of sorts.
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