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Thread: Volume and Tone Pot mounts

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    Volume and Tone Pot mounts

    Hi All,
    Im looking for a little assistance; im putting together a Rickenbacker Kit and i have done all the wiring, ready to mount the controls onto the scratch plate (as is the case with RBs) ... my issue is this; the pots dont sit flush on the back side of the plate - there is a small "dag" that sets the threaded shaft off center when i apply the nut to the front - this means that the nut never seats properly and the whole thing ends up not sitting straight. Is this normal? should i be looking for another "piece" that i should be installing. Cutting the "Dag" seems out of the question - it is quite thick and doesnt bend - my guess is "leave it alone" ... Any ideas? Pic attached

    Cheers all

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    You drill a small hole that the 'dag' sits in.
    It's usually covered by the flange of the volume/tone knob.

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    cheers, Mark.
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    Drilling a small hole to accomodate the Ďdagí prevents the pot from rotating (you see the holes on some Tele control plates etc), but itís not really needed. Itís more common to just bend the dag/tab with some pointy-nose pliers... it may bend flat or just snap off cleanly, either way is fine and problem solved.

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    Thanks for that ... i didnt want to destroy the pot - drilling a hole is an issue as its only a thin scratch plate ... removing the Dag/Tab would be best i think ... although - thinking about it ... i suppose the knob will probably cover any hole .... i'll measure up and see



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    I always break them off.

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    Yep... me, too!
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