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Thread: TL-1A: First build

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    TL-1A: First build

    Iíve grabbed myself a TL-1A kit and most of the stuff I need to get started. No pics yet because I havenít done any work to the thing yet. I got the grover mini rotomatics and a bone nut as upgrades and Iím seriously considering upgrading most of the electronics and putting tonerider vintage plus pickups in there. I plan on spraying it a solid colour and settled on kashmir pearl from dupli color which judging by the cap should come out similar to shoreline gold. Iíll probably go for something very similar to the standard tele style headstock.

    One of biggest obstacles to overcome at the moment is the fact that I absolutely can not stand the feel of sanding or the sound of sandpaper. Kinda a big issue with how much sanding will be needed. The plan to get around that is to wear a glove on my sanding hand and chuck on headphones which should deal with it.

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    Good luck with the build.

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    Thanks, I started sanding this morning but had to pause that when it started raining. I managed to get most of the front and back done with the first grade of sandpaper before the rain started. Sanding takes forever. Looks like Iíll need to make a supply run too because I definitely underestimated how much sandpaper Iíll be needing. I need to grab a coping saw to shape the headstock too.

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