Got another live gig coming up next Thursday, it's at a venue called the Nirvana club which is literally about 50m or so from where my new flat is, I went there last Thursday and had a great time jamming on some tunes with some local Darwin musicians, I was playing my Fender Mexican Telecaster, they must have liked my playing cause I got invited back for another jam on Thursday next week, might turn into a regular thing, which is cool cause I need to stop tinkering with my gear and start doing more live playing, might take my camera with me so I can take some pics to post here.

Going to see if I can take my Marshall amp and my Tweed pedal board case with me as well as the Mexican Tele and etc to next week's jam, just hope I remember to bring some pics with me, I forgot them last Thursday, so I had to improvise one from some thin plastic I found in my wallet, had lots of fun though.