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Thread: Sanding fret dot markers off fretboard ok?

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    Sanding fret dot markers off fretboard ok?

    Oh dear...look at the date and the Year....I am waiting on a few bits and pieces to arrive that will allow me to finish off the neck......and then all will be revealed....(hopefully).......
    Took a bit of a risk with the finishing and have gone for a slightly relic style approach....hopefully photos will show later...

    A question for the experts please:
    My maple fingerboard has a really great grain and I really do not like the printed dots on the they remove easily with sanding or do they penetrate the timber to much?

    Input appreciated, Thanks

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    Have you thought of drilling them out and replacing them with shell or pearl, etc?

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    Dots on the fretboard are likely to be about 2 mm plastic. You're going to do a lot of damage to the fretboard in sanding them back. Much simpler to get them out with a drill and screw (see: Options for filling the holes - anything from crushed rock (see: or, through to Mother of Pearl (MOP) dots or abalone / paua shell, through to pretty much anything. If you got really excited, you could get a bit of maple timber and make some plugs out of that. Ultimately though - I think the answer will be - you can't sand them off, but... you can remove and replace.

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    I think I saw a Stew Mac video on how to drill them out and replace them.

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